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Alvista Windows and Doors Ltd is an authorised fabricator of the Fairview brand which provided by Fairview Systems Ltd, one of the leaders in window and door design and supply in New Zealand. With contemporary styling and strength the Fairveiw brand makes it a strong choice for architects, designers, builders and home owners.


The Fairview range comprises:

  • 35mm Residential windows and sliding doors
  • 40mm Residential doors
  • 40mm Architectural windows, hinged doors, sliding doors & bifolding doors
  • 45mm Designer series, a thermally broken suite
  • 90mm Evolution series
  • 75mm and 100mm commercial shopfront
  • 100mm, 125mm and 150mm Flush glaze & Curtain Wall glazing systems
  • Platinum Front Entry Doors 

Aluminium Windows

Alvista Windows and Doors window frames, mullions, transoms and sashes are 35mm in depth. The 35mm strong box mullion means fewer situations where fin mullions and transoms are required. Also available when required are our 90mm box mullions and transoms with no fins, equally suited for residential construction.



Awning and Casement Windows
Awning and casement windows have outward-opening sashes, with awning opening at the top and casement at the side. A range of glazing bar patterns (e.g. Colonial or Federation) can be added to complement an architectural preference.

Corners are reinforced, giving stability and ease of opening, particularly in preventing "twist" during opening.

A condensation channel, which drains to the exterior, is an integral part of Fairview windows.


Sliding Windows
Alvista Windows and Doors sliding windows are perfect for restricted spaces, above kitchen benches for example, or where protrusion beyond the building is not an option.

Our sliding windows ride on purpose designed rollers, making for smooth movement when being opened or closed.

Stacker windows are an extension of sliding windows and have two panels stacking behind each other, allowing added window space to be opened up.


Vertical Sliding Windows (double hung)
Similar benefits to sliding windows with the advantage that sashes can be tilted inwards to facilitate cleaning the outside face of the glass - particularly useful in multi-storey buildings.


Bifolding Windows
Bifolding windows work especially well in providing you with unrestricted open space when fully open - excellent for indoor/outdoor living. The Fairview bifolding windows open in a generous unobstructed way - up to five metres in width.

The bifold hinges are full length and colour matched to the frame and panels. The double bulb sealed hinge gives strength and excellent weather proofing.

The unique, long lasting bottom rolling system means our bifoldinmg windows glide easily and require little on going maintenance.



Box, Bay and Greenhouse Windows
These windows all project from external walls, adding space to rooms and capturing additional sunlight. Box windows are a perfect window seat space, greenhouse windows are particularly effective in kitchens.

Aluminium Doors


Hinged Doors and French Doors
Alvista Windows and Doors residential hinged door panel rails and stiles are 40mm thick, which make a strong non-flexing door.

French doors are most effective as external doors leading to an outside living area.

The use of parliament hinges on hinged doors allows the doors to be opened back up to180 degrees from the hinge.




Sliding and Stacker Doors
Both sliding and stacker doors are excellent for providing large openings. They are great space savers as all door movement is with in the frame, no need to worry about furniture being in the way when opening the doors as with hinged doors.

The standard slider has two panels, one of which slides behind a fixed panel. Stacker doors have two or more panels opening and stacking behind a fixed panel. These doors provide smooth ease of operation and have a tidy finish with concealed rollers. The have been designed to minimise draughts and eliminate water penetration.


Bifolding Doors

Alvista Windows and Doors Ltd offer bifolding door configurations which are available in either top hung or bottom rolling systems. Each has merits and these can be discussed with our sales team.

Bifolding doors provide great openings for indoor/outdoor living and generally open outwards.

Hinges between adjacent door leaves are full length, providing doors with one piece double weather seals from top to bottom. These unique seals keep rain and draughts at bay as well as looking great.

Many design choices are available and up to 5 metres wide. Our configurations for bifolding doors will provide a solution to your opening. Often, a single hinged door is placed within bifolding doors for easy access to the outside.

Custom Designed Windows and Doors
Your imagination and architectural design can be brought to life by including custom-designed features such as curved windows and doors, raking or faceted windows.

Window Replacement/Renovation



There is a wide range of possibilities associated with remodelling, renovating or updating existing homes. Updating windows and doors is an effective means of improving light, ventilation and increasing the sun's warmth and increasing the value of your home / investment. It can also add a sense of spaciousness. In addition to the lower initial costs of aluminium windows and doors, exterior maintenance is greatly reduced.

  • More windows can be added or existing ones enlarged.
  • Windows can be expanded into sliding, French or bi-fold doors opening into a garden.
  • Bay or greenhouse windows can be added.
  • Traditional looks can be retained by using single or double hung windows or colonial glazing bars.
  • Standard entrance doors can be expanded into a more imposing entrance with the addition of sidelights.
  • Powdercoating - there are numerous colour choices available to complement existing colour schemes.
  • Quality locks and catch detailing can be added to match an existing architectural style.

Talk to Alvista for professional advice and guidance through the whole process from design to installation.

Benefits of the Fairview System

Long term Performance
Our aluminium joinery exceeds the strict NZ Building Code and complies with the stricter "NZS4211:1985 Performance of Windows". The adherence to higher standards than the code results in strong, reliable joinery that performs to the highest standards - peace of mind for you.

Technical and Design Support
Alvista Windows and Doors Ltd and ASL are proactive about providing design advice and information to all specifiers.

Cost Effectiveness
Alvista Windows and Doors Ltd provide the end user with quality products. The emphasis is on performance and meeting demands for our local conditions. The large selection of window and door options provides you with choices over price options.

Security and Safety
Fairview has pressure fit glazing for its doors and windows. This does away with the burglar's friend, easily removable exterior rubber. Along side this is a range of security options - security locks, stays, bolts and restrictors. All serve one purpose, they give an owner peace of mind knowing the property is safe when they are away.

Colour Choices
The first colour decision is whether to match or contrast your Aluminuim Windows and Doors with the roof and or cladding.

Alvista Windows and Doors Ltd offers a standard range of 40 popular colours, with additional colours available for a small extra cost. ASL have their own powdercoating plant to ensure maximum quality control. Anodised finishes are also available, additional cost applies.

To combat condensation and mould, ventilation by way of Le Vent can be introduced. It is ultra slim fitting, able to be incorporated into almost any aluminium door or window design and gives controlled passive ventilation in any weather.

Glazing for Windows and Doors
It is vital to find the right type of glass to make rooms comfortable through the various seasons.

Consideration can be given to:

  • Thermal insulation against heat and cold, reducing energy costs
  • Ultra violet ray reduction protecting against furniture fading
  • Light transmission and glare protection
  • Noise reduction, vital when near loud noise such as heavy traffic
  • Condensation reduction
  • Improved levels of security
All Glass and Glazing in New Zealand must comply with the N.Z Building Code.Alvista can provide advice on appropriate glazing for your situation.

Glazing options include:

  • Clear float and obscure glass
  • Double glazing
  • Toughened glass
  • Tinted and reflective glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Energy advantage glass
  • Hush glass

Window and Door Reveals ( Liners )
Most popular are painted treated pine reveals. Other options available are Rimu for oiling, staining or vanishing and low maintenance aluminium or pvc.

Window and Door Hardware
There is a vast, ever-changing market for window and door handles and locks. These include single and double-tongued handles, with or without wedges, key locking, multi-point locking, deadlocks, and restrictor stays. Alvista can to assist you with solutions to questions of function and appearance. Black is the standard colour option, colour matching to your window and door colour is available for a small surcharge.

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