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There’s a lot to know when it comes to windows and doors.
This glossary of terms will help you sound like an expert!

Anodised: ‘Anodised aluminium’ has been chemically and electrically treated to provide excellent surface protection.
Awning window: This window is hung from the top, and opens out from the bottom. One advantage is that it can be left ajar in wet weather.
Bay window: This is a window that has 3 straight sections, usually 2 sides and 1 front, which projects outwards from the house. The sides are not at 90 degrees to the front.
Bi-fold door or window: A door or window where the panels slide and ‘fold’ against each other to create a wide opening.
Box section: When you look at the piece of aluminium in cross-section, it is completely enclosed. This adds strength and rigidity.
Box window: A window that protrudes from the house in a box shape (i.e the sides are at right angles to the main window pane). Excellent for creating warmth and light.
Casement window: These windows open outwards and are hung at the sides.
Double Hung window: This is where the two windows (one on top, one below) slide past each other. A pivot sash lets you tilt each window to clean both sides of it. Great for apartments or smaller spaces.
Extrusion: Aluminium which has been pre heated and forced through a die under high pressure which creates the extrusions in their desired shape.
Fabricators: The people who actually manufacture the windows or doors.
Faceted window: This is any window which has a number of ‘faces’, which are joined by silicon.
Fixed Light: This is a pane of glass retained in a frame that can not be opened.
Flashings: These are folded or extruded materials (usually aluminium) which are fitted between the framing of the house and the frames of your windows. They are very important.
French Doors: An pair of doors, closing together, which usually open outwards on to a deck or patio.
Greenhouse windows: Similar to a box window, but with a sloping glass roof. Ideal for kitchens, or creating space and light.
Jamb: The vertical piece at the side of a window or door frame.
Jambliners: The internal facing between the window or door and wall lining. (Also known as a ‘reveal’)
Mullion: Any vertical piece that appears within a window. Required to allow a sash to be fitted to a larger window, or breakup the size of a window into smaller panes.
Passive air vents: These are vents installed in windows, to allow a healthy flow of fresh air to the room.
Powdercoating: This process applies a paint finish to the aluminium in the form of a powder, which is then baked on to the product. It allows for a range of attractive colours.
Rail: The horizontal edge in a sash or glazed door.
Raked window: A window with one or more of its sides sloping (e.g a triangular window)
Sash: The opening part of a window frame, unless it is a fixed light.
Shugg window: A vertical sliding window with two panes of glass which slide past each other in one action.
Sidelight: A glazed panel at the side of a hinged door. Sometimes the sidelight can also be opened.
Stile: The vertical edge of a sash or glazed door.
Transom: A horizontal piece that appears within the frame of a window or door.
Vision rail: A horizontal member fitted approximately halfway up a glazed door.
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